Occupational Health

Risk based, legally required medical surveillance:

  • Medical surveillance required in terms of the Occupational Health and Safety Act 85 of 1993 and Mines Health and Safety Act 29 of 1996 (pre-employment, initial, periodic, exit)
  • PRDP Medicals (National Road Traffic Act 93 of 1996.
  • Voluntary health screening for chronic conditions eg. Hypertension, diabetes, HIV etc
  • Fitness to travel medicals
  • Return to work medicals
  • Medicals to fulfil visa requirements
  • Disability assessments
  • Executive medicals


GOHS ensures optimal occupational healthcare which prevents the risk of liability and avoids the implications of non-compliance to the Occupational Health and Safety Act.

Occupational Risk Exposure Profile

The science of risk assessments is an integral element of Occupational Health and support the reduction of the likelihood of adverse events leading to illness or injury. They are the foundation of Occupational Health and all subsequent actions evolve or originate from them.

The result of conducting effective risk assessments is that planning and implementation of, training, human resource recruitment, medical surveillance and safety management is optimized.

The Occupational Risk Exposure Profile (OREP) is the formal documentation of the results of a Risk Assessment, during which job-specific risk information is gathered. This may be a job category eg. construction workers, or the tasks that an individual employee may undertake

The following data is collected and documented:

  • Inherent requirements of the job
  • Hazardous exposures eg. chemicals, hazardous biological agents, physical,

ergonomic, psychosocial and environmental hazards

This process supports the requirements of the Occupational Health and Safety Act, the Employment Equity Act, and Labour Relations Act.

Executive Health

The monitoring of the physical and psychological well-being of employees in management positions (intellectual capital) is strongly advised as these employees are integral to the success and sustainability of an organisation

Various factors, which are intrinsic to senior management positions, expose managers to chronic health conditions such as heart disease, diabetes, etc.

Clients have the option of customizing the programme based on the company’s health risk assessment for this category of employees. For example, some of these managers may be required to undertake frequent long haul flights and would require additional specialized screening.


Executive Health Screening is an integrated service offered to get an overview of the managers physical Health profile with the aim of promoting:

  • Healthy life-style choices & healthy work-life balance
  • Physical Activity
  • Behaviour change etc

and preventing or early diagnosis of:

  • Obesity / coronary artery disease / diabetes / high blood pressure / cancer / depression and anxiety / arthritis and osteoporosis etc.


Screening includes the following:

  • Biometric Data (Height, Weight, BP, BMI evaluation, etc.)
  • Laboratory tests
  • Occupational Screenings:
  • Audiometry (risk based)
  • Vision
  • Lung Function Test (risk based)
  • Cardiovascular investigations: Resting ECG
  • Fatigue assessment
  • Biokinetics assessment if indicated or required


Consultation with the Occupational Medicine Physician will include:


  • Physical examination
  • Review of all tests
  • Recommendations and plan
  • Referral to Specialists as required (e.g. Urologist, Gynaecologist, Physician, Life Coach, Psychologist, Dietician, Biokineticist etc.)
  • Referral for specialized testing eg. sleep studies

An information and tracking booklet will be given to the Executives.

Other Occupational Health Services

Health risk assessments and management

Workplace surveys

Walkthrough and worksite inspections

Occupational risk exposure profiles

Incapacity and disability management.

Medical advisory services

Management of work related conditions

Ergonomics advisory services

Compensation claim management

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